Products and Pricing

Individual Cuts

Individual Cuts of beef are priced on a weight range basis. The package label shows the weight of each package. The weight ranges are generally 1/4 lb per range.

For example, if a customer purchases a 0.80-0.99 pound T-Bone Steak, the actual package weight will be 0.80-0.99 pounds.

There are a few products priced each but are shown clearly in the web price.  Items such as Beef Tongue and Oxtail are priced each. 

Variety Packs

Variety Packs are priced per Pack. The Variety Pack description will specify the cuts and approximate weight in each Pack.

Wholes, Sides and Quarters

Custom Processed Wholes and Sides may be available if the customer desires different cuts or package sizes, de-boned cuts, beef franks, additional ground beef, etc. Custom Processed Wholes and Sides are priced by the Hanging Weight which is the weight after slaughter but before the meat has been cut up.

The customer must pay for processing which may be $500 per side (half) depending on customer cut instructions. The customer must contact our processor to provide processing instructions.

Contact Bear Creek Cattle for availability and current pricing.